By Jeremy Ross

EAST CHICAGO, Ind. (CBS) — The Gary City Council president is currently in jail after he allegedly followed two teenagers, shot a gun and brought one back to Gary, Indiana after he believed they stole his car.

Ron Brewer’s attorney, Scott King, told CBS 2 Brewer’s red Lexus, with his credit cards and debit cards inside, was stolen in Gary on Saturday.

The council president reported the theft to police and tracked unauthorized purchases over the weekend, including in Hammond and East Chicago. Cops told Brewer to share updates with Gary Police.

(Credit: East Chicago Police Department)

King said Brewer caught up to his car and caught one teen responsible Sunday evening, describing it as a citizen’s arrest. That’s an act that’s legal in Indiana in the proper circumstances.

“He’s able to grab one of the kids, one of the young men and he decides to take him, consistent with what he’s been told by the Hammond Police Department, to the Gary Police Department,” King said.

But police disagree – East Chicago Police arrested Brewer on probable cause criminal recklessness and probable cause kidnapping. Brewer has not yet been charged.

“We are taking this matter very serious. We don’t condone auto theft, but an investigation must be done and probable cause must be established before charges can be filed against an individual. One can’t take matters into their own hands,” Deputy Chief Jose Rivera of the East Chicago Police Department wrote in a news release.

Police were also alerted to three rounds of gunshots by a Shotspotter in the area where Brewer pursued the red Lexus. His attorney said he doesn’t know of any shots being fired by anyone during the incident.

Police are processing the Lexus to determine if there was gunfire damage.

King defended Brewer’s actions despite his position heading City Council.

“Everybody we elect from the top offices on down at the end of the day is a human being,” King said. “He’s not entitled to special consideration, but he’s not entitled to disparaging consideration because of the office he holds.”