By Chris Tye

FORT WAYNE, Ind. (CBS) — Dr. Ulrich Klopfer, who had clinics around the state of Indiana, reserved Thursdays for abortions at a clinic in Fort Wayne for more than a decade.

CBS 2’s Chris Tye spoke today with the doctor who served as a back-up for Klopfer at the clinic. For three years, Dr. Geoffrey Cly would step in when patients at this clinic needed weekend or emergency care.

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Klopfer has reached infamy after death, since more than 2,200 preserved fetal remains were found at his Will County home garage earlier this month.

Dr. Geoffrey Cly said the Fort Wayne clinic was a practice with botched cases and bizarre behaviors — behaviors this doctor calls pathological and deceptive.

“Shocking to me. Taking some tissue, and in this case fetal tissue, home and saving them was just something that never should be done,” Cly said. “I’ve never heard [of] anybody doing that before.”

He called Klopfer’s clinic work sloppy, in one instance leaving excess tissue in a patient.

Yet police say the fetal remains found in his garage were kept in meticulous order, thoroughly cataloged and labeled.

“That is in the realm of extreme pathological behavior, which would be like the Hannibal Lecter in the movie,” Cly said.

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Cly said he believes Klopfer was holding onto the remains as mementos.

“I think there’s an element of trophies, especially with the documentation and the putting them in formaldehyde, and putting them in a box, absolutely,” Cly said. “He left them in his garage, not in an unmarked storage shed that he could’ve paid cash for under a different name. I think there’s a sign that he wants more to be discovered.”

Cly suspects there could be more remains to be found.

“That type of person thinking in that deranged way, it’s probably just a tipoff,” Cly said.

With Klopfer dead, it’s likely no one will be prosecuted.

Local right to life groups told CBS 2 that eight women in the past week have reached out to see if any of the remains found could belong to them. CBS 2 spoke to one woman last week who described her painful experiences with Klopfer.

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The state of Indiana is handling things from here as more women come forward every day wondering if the remains of their unborn child were in that garage.