CHICAGO (CBS)– A late night dog walk in Humboldt Park ended with the dog owner on the ground as shots were fired just feet from him and his two dogs.

Thursday night, the dog walker, who wants to remain anonymous, thinks there’s a good chance the dogs were the target.

His gut told him something was wrong late night Tuesday, just blocks from Humboldt Park.

A car stopped for a curiously long time, he and the dogs, Kumi and Bohdi, kept walking and when the car caught up to them it happened.

The trio passed a car when idling turned to a long linger.

Near where Fairfield meets LeMoyne, Humboldt Park “odd” took a violent turn.

“Pulls up here where we are, it stops, I noticed it stopped, I started hearing shots six to eight times.  I hit the ground,” the dog walker said.

The car was a gray Honda Civic and he’s determined it was a BB gun.

“I think they were trying to scare me or they were aiming at the dogs, those are the only two things that make any sense at all,” the dog walker said. “Otherwise, they should’ve been able to hit me, or the dogs, really.”

Today they’re all back on their twice daily constitutional walking not scared and very confident anyone targeting Chicago’s pet population will meet justice.

“If you want to rally some pitchforks, go out and target people’s dogs,”the dog walker said. “You’ll hear from ‘em.  Oh boy.”

His two big questions are was he targeted and has this happened to others?