By Marissa Parra

CHICAGO (CBS)– A 39-year-old woman is dead after a stalled car caused a chain-reaction crash on the Dan Ryan, shutting down traffic Saturday morning.

Police said a car, a green Honda, stalled just before 6 a.m. in the center lane of the northbound Dan Ryan at 55th Street.

A second car, a black Honda, didn’t stop and slammed into the first car. A frenzied chain reaction followed: that first car spiraled into the rear of a semi-trailer before a fourth and fifth car got involved in the collision.

Witness Shawn Caple said he heard the loud boom of the pile-up.

“That was a terrible accident, I hate to see that when I walked up,” Caples said.

The driver of the stalled car, identified as Tanisha Jackson from Dolton, was transported to a local hospital where she died of her injuries.

Stalling in the middle of the highway is never ideal, but police say if it happens — don’t get out of your car. Call 9-1-1, keep your seatbelt on, put on your hazards, and wait for police to arrive.