By Charlie De Mar

DOLTON, Ill. (CBS) — More fetal remains have been discovered in a car that was stored in south suburban Dolton, and which belonged to associated with a now-deceased Indiana abortion doctor.

Indiana Attorney General Curtis Hill’s office announced Wednesday that the latest remains were found on additional personal properties associated with Dr. Ulrich Klopfer, who performed abortions at clinics in Fort Wayne, Gary, and South Bend.

The Will County Sheriff’s office said its officers discovered the additional fetal remains upon searching numerous vehicles in south suburban Dolton that were owned by Klopfer. The search was conducted with the assistance and cooperation of Klopfer’s family, the Sheriff’s office said.

Last month, family members going through Klopfer’s belongings found the fetal remains on land owned by the late doctor in Crete Township, Will County. The Sheriff’s office learned that Klopfer owned or rented more properties while investigating the Crete Township stockpile.

The Sheriff’s office further learned that the more of Klopfer’s property – which turned out to be vehicles that were stored in the outdoor gated lot of a business in Dolton. The vehicles had been stored at the location for more than six years, the Sheriff’s office said.

A total of eight cars that belonged to Klopfer were found in the Dolton lot.

On the outside, there was not much to the rotting, rundown Mercedes Benzes that was found sitting on the lot of the Dolton auto business, CBS 2’s Charlie De Mar reported. But inside the trunk of one of the eight cars, described as a late 1990s model Mercedes, were five plastic bags and a decaying box of medically preserved fetal remains.

Steve Davis operates the Dolton auto business where Klopfer’s cars were stored.

“They’ve been here a long time,” Davis said, “That’s all I can comment on.”

Of Klopfer, Davis said, “I’ve never met him before.”

Davis just rents the property from the owner of Total Roofing and Construction.

“Hey, I don’t own the property, so it wouldn’t bother me – not one bit,” he said.

The remains discovered in the trunk were also meticulously packaged and labeled just like the ones found on his property last month.

The will county sheriffs dept believes that remains found today..just like the ones found last month are from operations performed from 2000-2002.

The family’s attorney says they will continue to cooperate and allow police to search properties connected to Klopfer.

The remains were recovered, preserved, packaged, and marked similarly to those found in Crete Township. They were all linked to abortions performed in Indiana between 2000 and 2002 — the same time frame as those found at the Crete Township property.

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A total of 2,246 fetal remains previously were found on the Crete Township property. They were taken back to Indiana last week.

Anyone who may have been seen Klopfer or had the procedure administered by him can contact a hotline setup by the Indiana State’s Attorney’s office at 317-234-6663. There’s also a website available from the agency for more information.

Charlie De Mar