CHICAGO (CBS)– All signs point to Mitchell Trubisky returning against the New Orleans Saints Sunday. The Quarterback admitted his non-throwing shoulder that he injured against the Vikings had to be popped back in. But, as Matt Zahn tells us, Trubisky is feeling good now.

Mitchell Trubisky says he is close to 100% and Matt Nagy is cautiously optimistic his starting quarterback will play Sunday against the Saints.
Trubisky says he will have to wear a harness to help protect his injured left shoulder, similar to one Anthony Miller was wearing, emphasis on was.

“He actually cut his off last game in the middle of the game because he said it was restricting him, but mines a little different because I don’t need to catch,” says Mitchell Trubisky.

“Just play like it’s not even there. Just play your game. He’s going to be fine,” says receiver Anthony Miller.

Assuming Trubisky can play, the next step, coming off the bye, is getting this offense going. The Bears are 30th in the NFL in yards per play. One possible solution, having Mitch run more. He has just five rushes in four games this season after running it 68 times for over 400 yards last year. And Nagy says the shoulder issue won’t be an issue when it comes to running.

“His legs are huge weapon for us. I’m an idiot if I take his legs away because there’s a lot of quarterbacks that don’t have his legs,” says head coach Matt Nagy.

When asked if Trubisky should be running more, Nagy adds,” I would never answer that. I would say let it naturally happen. If it’s going to get us a first down, and he’s not going to get hit, run all the time. That means we’re moving the football. But, be a thrower first. Be a quarterback.”

Being a quarterback will not be easy against the Saints surging defense. They’ve given up just 40 total points in their last three games.