CHICAGO (CBS) — Even if you don’t have children, all Chicago homeowners can expect to pay up for a new teachers’ contract.

Both the Chicago Teachers Union and the city gave their proposals to an independent source.

Mayor Lori Lightfoot’s contract offer could be paid for by a property tax hike of around $13 per household.

The Chicago Teachers Union plan would add up to a $235 property tax hike per household.

Right now the average Chicago teacher’s salary is about $71,000. The starting base salary is $55,000.

Here’s how that compares nationally when adjusted for cost of living in other large cities:

  • New York City’s average pay is near $62,000,
  • In Philedephia it’s nearly $58,000 a year, and
  • in Houston it’s less than $40,500 a year.

The CTU is asking for a 15% raise over three years, and the mayor has offered a 16% raise over five years.

Legally Chicago teachers can strike for pay but not over class size, which is their other main sticking point.