(CBS Local)– An all new episode of “FBI” returns to CBS Tuesday and this is one of the most interesting chapters of actor Missy Peregrym’s career.

Peregrym plays the show’s lead Special Agent Maggie Bell, works with Emmy Award winning producer Dick Wolf everyday and recently announced that she’s pregnant. The actor said the news of her first baby won’t impact her character on “FBI.”

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“We’re not going to use it on the show in terms of Maggie Bell,” said Peregrym in an interview with CBS Local’s DJ Sixsmith. “She is not going to be pregnant this season. We talked about what the options would be and it made sense to keep things the way they are now.”

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This is the first time that Peregrym has played a leading role on a show with over 20 episodes in a season. While the schedule can be grueling, Peregrym enjoys exploring the many different parts of her character.

“What I love about Maggie is she’s competent, she’s been doing this for a long time,” said Peregrym. “Other roles I’ve played like the cop I played was a rookie. Playing that role is exhausting. It’s like acting, I’ve been doing it longer and now I can relate [with Maggie.] The thing I’m enjoying this season is the new members of the cast and they are bringing a lot to the table. It’s fun to see those dynamics. We are really finding our groove right now.”

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Watch “FBI” Tuesday nights at 9pm EST/PST on CBS.