CHICAGO (CBS)– Children at a northwest side Catholic school chanted, as their parents work to keep their school from closing.

St. Eugene Elementary needs to raise more than $300,000 under three 3 months.

Parents claim that’s how much they were told they’d need by the end of January to keep the school open for the next school year.

The archdiocese confirms St. Eugene is facing a deficit and enrollment is below what’s needed to stay open. But, parents don’t believe the children should have to pay the price.

“We don’t want to just live year to year. We want a future for these kids. We want them to know that it’s safe to come here for years to come,” said AJ Acierno, a St. Eugene parents said.

Parents say they’ll continue fighting to keep St. Eugene’s doors open. They’re hoping another school will merge with theirs to increase enrollment.