CHICAGO (CBS) — A woman was struck and critically wounded by a Chicago Police squad car Wednesday evening in South Shore.

The accident happened around 6 p.m. at 71st Street and Jeffery Boulevard, officials said.

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As CBS 2’s Jermont Terry reported, police had cleared the scene by 10 p.m. But a lot of questions remained as to how and why the police sport-utility vehicle hit the woman.

Following the accident, the Metra Electric South Chicago Line – which runs in the median of 71st Street – was delayed as police shut down the neighborhood.
Officers were talking with a 34-year-old woman, and as they were leaving, the woman’s leg somehow got caught and trapped under the passenger-side tire of the squad car, police said.

Officers raidoed for help, with one officer referencing “hitting a pedestrian that was banging on the car” in his call.

Witnesses told CBS 2 the woman was taunting the officers, which led to the officers crossing the tracks and driving her way.

“They pulled right up on her. They ran over her foot,” said witness Kyrie Young. “Then, as she tried to jerk back, she fell backwards; hit the back of her head.”

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Witnesses said when the woman’s head hit the pavement, it was clear she was severely hurt.

“Her arm to her upper forearm was all covered in blood,” Young said.

Police said late Wednesday that it remained unclear how the woman’s foot became pinned under the tire.

The woman left the scene alert. She was rushed to the University of Chicago Medical Center in critical condition.

Police said her condition was stabilized, and she suffered injuries to her right leg and head.

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The police Major Accident Investigation Unit was investigating Wednesday night.