By Steven Graves

CHICAGO (CBS) — Only on 2.

An SUV full of thieves, caught on camera stealing catalytic converters.

CBS 2’s Steven Graves reports  neighbors are now using surveillance videos to put a stop to the crime spree.

The catalytic converter thefts neighbors are spreading on social media. The surveillance video shows a jeep pull up, multiple guys get out. Some kept watch, while another steals the car part.

Juvenal Piñon’s daughter was a victim near South Keating Street.

“Very organized. Professional. They’ve been doing this for a long time,” Piñon said.

He too has video of a similar Jeep last Friday.

“When we came out, it was already gone. There was nothing,” he said.

Three other similar reports last week are confirmed by police. Neighbors have taken to the Ring doorbell app and said it’s happened on their street, too.

One person urged everyone to file police reports. Still, police said there have been no arrests.

The guys seem to be targeting streets packed with homes, and vehicles on either side. But on South Karlov, the thieves probably didn’t notice the police camera up above.

The victim of a recent theft said police are looking into footage. He’s hopeful because none of the videos picked up a license plate on the Jeep.

But stealing the pollution control devices is nothing new.

CBS 2 has done multiple reports about how catalytic converters are popular for the resale of their precious metals.

But the immediate financial hit can be hefty for victims.

“I got the proposal. It’s for $298,” Piñon said.

Piñon said he’s going to pay for even more cameras to his home, as many hope to put the brakes on the string of thefts.

The following are the location of the thefts which took place earlier this month:

4700 block of West 48th Street

4700 block of South Keating

6100 block of South Karlov

5200 block of South Honore