CHICAGO (CBS) — One group had a big treat for the homeless on Lower Wacker Drive this Thanksgiving Day.

And as CBS 2’s Steven Graves reported, this is the tenth year of the event – and it just keeps getting bigger.

“So we come to Lower Wacker Drive because outside on the streets, we’re meeting the people where they’re at,” said Dwana Roby of Emerald City Services. “So basically, they don’t have a Thanksgiving dinner table to sit at, so we come down. We decorate the tables. We have a nice hot, home-cooked meal.”

The Great Fellowship Thanksgiving dinner was served from 10 a.m. until noon. Emerald City Services also gave out gift cards, blessing bags, and clothes – especially clothes to get people through the winter.

“The socks, I needed. And that’s the only thing I really did need, because most of the socks I’ve got now are small,” one man said.

“Y’all just have been a blessing today to me! I won a McDonald’s gift card, and a Ventra card, and a Walmart card!” a woman said. “I have two kids and it will help me a whole lot, a whole lot.”

Roby explained why helping the homeless is so important to her.

“I’ve never been homeless, but the fact that I saw a person 11 years ago on the street hungry, it touched my heart,” she said. “And from that day forth, I have been compelled to come out to the streets and love on our sisters and brothers.”

She added: “Love extends past the four walls of your house or your dinner table. And this is another thing to be thankful for, that we can serve other people.”