CHICAGO (CBS) — The Chicago teachers strike is over, but the scramble for athletes robbed of a postseason is anything but.

CBS 2’s Chris Tye looked into how the day after Thanksgiving was opportunity day for hundreds of athletes to be on the clock.

It was a long Chicago teachers’ strike. While CPS football and cross country teams were able to use the courts and a lenient IHSA to salvage a post-season, soccer wasn’t so lucky. CPS senior Angel Arismendez was caught in the middle.

“It just ruined what I thought would be a fun senior year. I’m not angry with the teachers,” said Arismendez.

The future was airtight. Valparaiso already locked him down. But a recent call from the Valparaiso coach (they canceled the program two weeks ago) threw that future upside down.

The strike deprived him of soccer, its postseason and the eyeballs of recruiters. But optimism remains.

“Being flexible, being opportunistic about whats happening,” Arismendiz said.

He and a small army of soccer players descended on southwest suburban McCook Friday. Playing for the coaches that hold the keys to scholarships.

“I’ve actually already talked to them,” said Oscar Rivero, who coaches at Roosevelt University and scrambling CPS students are high on his list.

Coaches hunting for talent. Players hunting for a home. The final fallout from a teachers’ strike where the ripple effects may last awhile longer.

So while Friday was big, the next few weeks are even bigger as the relationships formed Friday will, hopefully for these athletes, sprout offers for the school year ahead.