By Steven Graves

CHICAGO (CBS) — Just days after CBS 2 exposed people in Lincoln Square driving recklessly, blatantly blowing stop signs, some living in Kenwood reached out, concerned about their own neighborhood.

They told CBS 2’s Steven Graves their efforts to get help from the city of Chicago have fallen short and they feel they have no where else to turn.

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Kenwood residents said they constantly see people blow through the stop signs. CBS 2 saw some rolling stops. Even a man almost get hit by a car.

“The lady wasn’t looking. And when she finally looked, she stopped. But her wheels were already in the walkway,” said David Boyd.

But he wasn’t so lucky the last time. That’s when a car hit him at 47th and South Greenwood.

“And it knocked me back,” Boyd said.

People fear what happened to him could happen to a child.

“It’s just a dangerous situation. You have three schools on this block,” said Eugene Johnson.

There’s a cafe and art studio near by.

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“On Wednesdays they get out at like 12:30, so they’re walking and hitting the crosswalk,” said cafe owner Liz Wright.

It’s major accidents like the the one from last December that prompted Eugene Johnson to push for a traffic light. He said he contacted the office of 4th Ward Alderman Sophia King, but had no luck in getting results.

“Twice I reported it. And I got a letter back saying, or email, saying the street didn’t warrant a streetlight,” Johnson said.

CBS 2 looked into the city data which has records of the December crash. And two others last year. So far, there have only been two this year. But Johnson said police stake out the area and constantly issue citations.

“I live here and I see what happens everyday,” Johnson said. “I’m telling you, there’s going to be a fatality on this corner here.”

At the very least, people said they want speed humps in the residential areas to slow down cars.

CBS 2 contacted CDOT which said a traffic study has not been done in the area, but has told the 4th Ward Alderman’s Office it is willing to conduct one.

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