By Marissa Parra

CHICAGO (CBS) – They tried to swipe a car, but they were scared off—and it was all caught by a surveillance camera.

As CBS 2’s Marissa Parra reports, that video is not the only clue that police have to help solve the crime.

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Carlos Azuara says as he was getting ready this morning at this home in the Clearing neighborhood and something didn’t seem right.

He found “everything was messed up” in the garage. First, he thought maybe he inadvertently left the mess.

Then he noticed a phone that wasn’t his—nor belonged to anybody in his family. This phone was a Samsung. His family all have iPhones.

So he fired up his surveillance cameras, which captured two men hovering and appearing to scout out cars.

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At this point, Azuara’s daughter was waking up and made some noise that scared off the men.

“When she woke up to scare them off, you see them just sprinting off,” Azuara said. “I think they got startled and left in a hurry.”

Azuara said he doesn’t know if he phone belongs to the burglars or if it was loot from another crime.

Police have no suspects in custody but that phone could be the key clue.

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