CHICAGO (CBS) — Two men convicted of murdering nine-year-old Tyshawn Lee were sentenced to decades in prison on Wednesday.

In separate trials, Corey Morgan and  Dwright Boone-Doty were convicted of first-degree murcer in Tyshawn’s death. It took Boone Doty’s jury just about three hours to convict. Morgan’s fate was decided in about 10 hours.

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Doty, 26, the convicted gunman, got 90 years in prison. Morgan, 31, got 65 years.

Tyshawn Lee, 9, was fatally shot in the Gresham neighborhood. (Courtesy: Karla Lee)

Tyshawn’s murder garnered national headlines because of the brutal nature of his death.

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Tyshawn was shot multiple times and killed in an alley in what police and prosecutors called an act of revenge of 2015. Prosecutors said Tyshawn was killed because Boone-Doty and Morgan believed the boy’s father belonged to a rival gang they blamed for fatally shooting Morgan’s brother and wounding his mother.

The fourth grader, still wearing his school uniform, had headed to a park to play basketball.

Dwright Boone-Doty (left), Corey Morgan (center), and Kevin Edwards (right) are charged with first-degree murder in the execution-style shooting of 9-year-old Tyshawn Lee. (Source: Cook County Sheriff)

Prosecutors have said Boone-Doty, Morgan, and a third man — Kevin Edwards — plotted to kill Tyshawn because his father was a member of a rival gang they suspected of killing Morgan’s brother weeks earlier.

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Edwards, the getaway driver, pleaded guilty to murder in September in exchange for a 25 year sentence. Edwards had faced up to 60 years in prison if convicted.