CHICAGO (CBS) — The startling string of home invasions in Hammond continues.

CBS 2’s Tara Molina reports from the police station, asking investigators what’s being done about this, with another invasion late last night.

Police said they believe one man is behind all of them. His MO is the same in all four incidents: waking people up in the middle of the night, threatening them with a gun and stealing every valuable item he can carry.

White Oak Avenue. The most recent street hit in a string of home invasions in Hammond.

Around 10:00 Thursday night, a woman woke up to a man going through her closet, then turning and pointing a handgun at her. Police say that man forced her to go through the house with him, helping him rob her.

She told investigators he continued to point his gun in her direction until he left and she was able to dial for help.

The Hammond Police Department said he got in through an open window. It’s why the department sounded the alarm on Friday, warning residents to lock all windows, doors and stay vigilant.

Because what happened Thursday night happened three times in one night earlier this week, just a couple miles away, on Elm, Oak and California Avenues.

Sexually assaulting a woman at one of the locations.

When asked what the police were doing to try to catch him, the authorities would not go on camera to address that question.

But off-camera CBS 2 connected with one of the victims of these invasions. He told me he’s confident police are doing everything they can and will track down the man behind them.

Hammond police said they’re withholding information to protect their investigation, but confirmed they have no one in custody.


Tara Molina