CHICAGO (CBS) — Aleah Newell fatally stabbed her 7-month old son 19 times before plunging him into a bathtub of hot water, and she then cut a hole in a screen to throw her two-year-old out an 11-floor window, prosecutors said after formally charging her murder.

The Cook County medical examiner says two-year-old Jontavious Newell died from the fall.

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Seven-month-old Ameer Newell died of multiple injuries and was found in the tub.

Newell face two counts of first degree-murder and one count of attempted first-degree murder.

The attacks happened last Thursday at the Michigan Beach Apartments, near 72nd Street and South Shore Drive, around 1:45 a.m.,

She remains in the hospital and will be held without bail.

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She jumped 20 seconds after cutting the screen to throw Jontavious out the window, prosecutors said.  She hit a scaffolding on the third floor before hitting the ground next to the body of her son. She suffered a broken ankle and wrist

Newell also hit her grandfatherover the head with a towel bar while he was in the bathroom. She then went into the kitchen to get a knife and returned to stab him more than 10 times, prosecutors said. He is expected to survive.
Prosecutors said there is video of the Jontavious and Newell landing on the concrete. Police found Ameer in the bathtub, and performed CPR, but Ameer had already died, prosecutors said. His body was also burned by the hot water.
A broken knife handle was recovered from inside the bathtub. Another knife was recovered from the living room area on top of the microwave. A third knife was recovered from the living room floor, prosectuors said.

People who met the mom at an emergency shelter in the days before said she was begging for help.

Prosecutors say she was there with the children after Newell took Jontavious to the hospital to treat his asthma.

Newell attempted suicide last summer and was diagnosed with an unspecified mood disorder, prosecutors said.

CBS 2 has also learned that Newell was arrested last February when she opened an emergency exit on a CTA train while it was moving.

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She was five months pregnant at the time.