By Mary Kay Kleist

CHICAGO (CBS) — A cold front was crossing the Chicago area Tuesday night, opening the door for a chilly northwest flow.

Skies continue to clear overnight, so temperatures fall fast. Add in the winds and it will feel brutally colder for the Wednesday morning rush.

Expect single digits for wind chill values in the morning, with the feels-like temperature dropping as low as minus 1 in Waukegan.

FutureCast Feels: 01.08.20

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Fees-Like Tracker: 01.07.20

(Credit: CBS 2)

Temperatures struggle all day Wednesday. Highs reach the low to mid 20s but it’ll feel like the teens all day.

Tomorrow: 01.08.20

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Full sunshine is expected despite the cold, but this doesn’t last.

Wind flow turns southerly on Thursday, pulling in moist, mild air. It could be windy and wet at times on Thursday as we flirt with 50.

Next 2 Days

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We’re watching the possible wintry weather for the front half of the weekend. The storm will move onto the western US coast on Thursday and then make its way across the country.

7-Day Forecast: 01.07.20

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It depends on storm track and temperature profiles as to whether we end up with wintry mix or accumulating snow.

Mary Kay Kleist