CHICAGO (CBS)– Some dispensaries are still sold out of recreational pot, even though it’s only been legal in Illinois for about a week.

Already, customers spent almost $11 million on marijuana.

A prime example of the lack of supply is Zen Leaf Dispensary in Noorwood Park. The dispensary said it’s not selling recreational marijuana until next week.

On January 1, people waited outside for hours to get their hands on pot. Less than a week later, dispensaries are turning people away with signs posted at their doorways throughout the state.

Some dispensaries that were closed Monday tell CBS 2 they will be open Tuesday.

But some say it was clear from the start that demand would outpace supply until grow houses have a chance to catch up.

“What’s happening is there isn’t a shortage of cannabis, there are shortage of some particular products,” Jeremy Unruh of PharmaCann said. “Like in this case, there’s a shortage of dried flower which is the green relatively unprocessed product that you and I may think of when we think of cannabis.”