By Eric Cox

CHICAGO (CBS)– Heavy flames broke out near a bus yard in Gresham.

Those flames started inside a vacant building on Vincennes Avenue, not far from 87th and Halsted.

Flames were shooting through the top of the building. Crews said the entire roof collapsed.

The flames started just before 11 p.m. Tuesday.

No injuries were reported, but Sunrise Transportation uses the parking lot to park their fleet.

Three or four of their vehicles were damaged, but crews say most of the buses are untouched. CPS has been notified and the company is working to minimize impact on student bus schedules.

A security guard working late said he was the one who first noticed something was off.

“I called the fire department immediately,” Anthony Cook said. “I heard boom, boom I came out of the shack saw sparks on the top of the garage.”

No word on what caused the overnight fire.

In a written statement from Sunrise Transportation, officials said three or four buses were damaged. The company thanked the crews who successfully put out the fire.

This is a developing story.

Eric Cox