CHICAGO (CBS) — A sold-out Soxfest is just a few days and their young promising right-hander Michael Kopech might be the most excited player to get going again.

Kopech has been recovering from Tommy John surgery and it’s been a long year for him and his hair.

As CBS 2’s Matt Zahn tells us, he’s sporting a new look for a great cause.

Michael Kopech’s long, flowing locks are no more.

“I’m a little bit light. A little more aerodynamic,” Kopech said.

The Sox young hurler got his hair cut, or more accurately, shaved off, at a special event at a Ronald McDonald house in Chicago.

“Kopech’s Kut” as they called it raised $10,000.

“I don’t have much to complain about. And yet, I find myself complaining. I’m in a position to help people that are less privileged than I am. And so I feel that if I don’t do something with that, then I’m failing myself and my community,” Kopech said.

He was inspired to help Ronald McDonald House Charities when he met a young fan battling cancer who was staying at the house.

“When I met Bradley and his family, they made a huge impact on me a couple years ago,” Kopech said. “If I can do anything to put them in a good mindset, then I’m doing more than just playing baseball, which is important to me.”

Kopech is almost as happy about playing baseball again. He missed all of last season after having Tommy John surgery. But he said his arm is good. And so is his mind.

“Physically I feel great, best I’ve felt. Mentally, I’m in a place that’s stable and confident and prepared.”

Kopech hopes at spring training, any rust from being out will be go away, almost as quickly as his hair did.