By Steven Graves

CHICAGO (CBS) — Shameless, brazen burglars targeted a Lincoln Park family in the middle of the day this week.

They were caught on tape casually walking out of a home with stolen valuables on Wednesday.

CBS 2’s Steven Graves spoke Thursday with the homeowner and other neighbors who are reporting similar crimes.

On Thursday afternoon, crews were out fixing the back gate 2100 block of North Sedgwick Street — between Webster and Dickens avenues — where the burglars plowed through a day before. The homeowners think it was a targeted attack, because the thieves were in and out within minutes when no one was home.

“It does make you think somebody was definitely watching,” said the woman who owns the home.

The way the burglars walk out of the home, you would think they lived there. But it was actually a calm, casual, and calculated approach for a midday burglary.

“They came in, seemed to kind of know where they were going, and that’s the part we were nervous about,” the woman said.

The mother and wife is so nervous that she is scared to show her face.

“If it had been somebody that had been in our home previously, that’s a little bit worrisome,” she said.

The burglars are seen leaving with suitcases and pillowcases filled with jewelry and personal items – again, without any sense of urgency.

“You know, people even drove by. You can see them in the video driving right by,” the woman said. “Just looks like people with their scarves on.”

CBS 2 checked out City of Chicago data from Lincoln Park to find other brazen break-ins. It showed three more afternoon burglaries so far this year.

We know two happened not far away from the one that was caught on video – one also on Sedgwick Street in the 1800 block, the other a street to the east in the 1800 block of North Orleans Street.

Police said the victims had damaged door frames.

The victim of the Wednesday incident said cameras in the area caught men who look like the ones who struck at her home.

“Hopefully, this helps find them,” she said.

One of the victims plans on bringing up this issues at a community meeting Thursday night. As of that time, police had no one in custody for any of the burglaries.