CHICAGO (CBS) — You might have heard about the football game Sunday night.

Local pizza and wing joints certainly did.

Pizza places like Connie’s spent three days ahead of Super Bowl LIV making their dough.

They had 10 people just answering the phone Sunday, and all 30 delivery trucks in action.

“This is pizza Super Bowl 100 percent. We plan for this all year so we can be as efficient as possible, because you want to make sure like if you’re getting a pizza, like you’re getting a pizza any other time – ‘Oh wow, they’re crazy busy, I had to wait, they slapped it together,’” said Michael Stolfe of Connie’s Pizza. “We’ve got to make sure that it’s the A-plus pizza.”

Meanwhile, the other Super Bowl stable is chicken wings – and Jake Melnick’s was cooking up 13,000 of them.

That amounts to about two tons worth.