CHICAGO (CBS) — We’re about 10 days away from NBA All-Star weekend in Chicago.

The Bulls won’t be represented in the game, but as CBS 2’s Matt Zahn reported Tuesday, they will be in another star-studded contest.

“Obviously, I want to do something for Chicago during All-Star weekend,” said Zach LaVine.

LaVine confirmed he will be taking part in the three-point contest for the first time, but will not be doing the slam dunk contest.

“I feel like I don’t have a lot to prove with that. Three-point is something I’ve been wanting to do. I just think it’ll be fun,” added LaVine.

LaVine won the dunk contest back in 2016, and Bulls fans would’ve loved to see him in it again. Interestingly, he said if he’d been selected to play in the All-Star Game, he would’ve done the dunk contest too.

“If I would’ve made it, I would’ve wanted to put on a big-time show for the crowd. I would’ve tried to do all three of them,” LaVine said. “It didn’t happen, so now I had to reevaluate where my legs are, where the team is and where my mind is, so I’m doing the three point contest.”

LaVine, who’s averaging a career high three, three-pointers made per game this season, will hopefully have a bit of home rim advantage. And he will apparently have an experienced three-point contest coach.

“I’m excited for him. I’ve worked with guys before that have done that. We talked about getting together and showing him some of the things that I’ve learned for guys to do that event. There’s some tricks of the trade on that a little bit,” says Bulls head coach Jim Boylen.

When asked what specifics challenges? Boylen smiled and said he can’t give away his secrets, but added, “I talked to my equipment guys and had them order the same ball racks they use and stuff like that. Where do you put your money balls? What side you grab your balls from, there’s a lot to it.”

If LaVine wins, he’ll be the first-ever slam dunk champion to take home the three-point title, as well.

“I think it’d be cool and I’ve got a shot to do it,” says LaVine.