By Yasmeen Hassan

CHICAGO (CBS)– The Chicago Auto Show has a little something for everyone, including the Subaru Loves Pets displays, bringing in local shelters to take part in the event.

“Our display, which is a huge puppy play park basically and our dogs, will be able to be running free in there and we will allow people to come in and interact with our dogs,” Carole Weller of Hopfultails Animal Rescue said.

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While lots of the displays at the Auto Show are popular, the puppy displays are on a different level.

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“I had doormen, I had bouncers for our puppies,” Weller said. “We had a line for almost the entire day so it was pretty fantastic.”

The shelters will be accepting applications to take home a puppy, but you can also give back in other ways.

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“They also have tags that you can make for your own dog and that goes for a donation that will go directly to whichever rescue is there this year,” Weller said.o

Yasmeen Hassan