CHICAGO (CBS)– A couple from St. Anne, Illinois is giving a well-known dog the best last months possible.

When Marley was given the diagnosis of Cutaneous Lymphoma, his vets gave him less than 6 months to live.

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Knowing his diagnosis, Jordan Chapman and her wife Jen not only decided to adopt Marley last week, they set up a bucket list.

Chapman said she first learned about Marley from a Facebook post shared by a friend.

Marley, who will be 14 years old in June, is well-known for his following on Instagram. He has nearly 700 followers and fans continue to follow his story.

“He’s the most well-behaved dog ever,” Chapman said. “When he gets a burst of energy he will run around like a puppy.”

Marley’s bucket list includes eating a dog cupcake at Sprinkles and taking a photo in front of the scoreboard at Wrigley Field.

@marleysmiles_ Instagram

“Lets do everything we would want to do if we were a dog,” Chaptman said.

Chapman is a shelter director and her wife Jen works as a massage therapist for end of life care, so this adoption felt close to home for the couple.

“We know what we are getting into more than most people,” Jordan said.

In addition to the bucket list, Chapman said they also asked fans, looking to offer assistance, to send postcards.

Chapman wants to create a scrapbook for her 3-year-old son as a way for him to remember Marley and the national support provided.

So far, Marley has received postcards from Las Vegas, Florida, North Carolina and one is on its way from Australia.

Chapman said her goal is to keep Marley comfortable despite the lesions on his body. So far, steroids have helped with pain management and a future chemo treatment will help as well.

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