By Matt Zahn

CHICAGO (CBS) — Remember when Lovie Smith used to say “Rex is our quarterback” every single week?

Chicago Bears General Manager  Ryan Pace must have been watching – because the NFL Combine is down in Indianapolis and CBS 2’s Matt Zahn reports like it or not, Mitch is our quarterback.”

In the two months since Bears GM Ryan Pace last met with the media, nothing has changed in his unwavering support for Mitchell Trubisky as the bears starting quarterback.

“To be clear, yes it is. We believe in Mitch,” Pace said. “Mitch knows he needs to be better. We need to be better around him, and that’s our goal.”

Pace went on to say that Trubisky strengths are that he’s accurate, athletic, and can process quickly. He wouldn’t get into specifics about competition at the position or whether they’d bring someone in to push mitch for the starting job.

Head coach Matt Nagy was a little more open about the fact they need Trubisky to be better.

“If we all think that’s what we want from him, we’re fooling ourselves. He knows that,” Nagy said. “We need to be real what’s around him. He understands we want him to play better. Can’t dwell.”

Nagy was asked if he wants Mitch to feel like he’s being challenged for the starting job. He said, yes. Nagy said he wants everybody to feel that way.