MUNSTER, Ind. (CBS) — Four people were injured Wednesday evening when a vehicle plowed into a gyros restaurant in Munster, Indiana.

Around 6 p.m. Wednesday, Munster police approached a silver-colored Ford sport-utility vehicle that was stopped facing south in the 8200 block of Calumet Avenue.

The driver was not initially alert when officers tried to get his attention, police said. When he became alert, he accelerated and sped off – first hitting Miss Print at 8244 Calumet Ave. and damaging the front, police said.

The SUV then continued across Calumet Avenue and hit the side of Munster Gyros at 8307 Calumet Ave., police said.

The vehicle came to rest inside the building and caused major damage, police said.

“He broke through the picture window and brick that was on the lower end of the building – he just came right through there, and was actually – we weren’t busy at the time, thank goodness,” said gyros restaurant owner John Spanos.

Four people were taken to the hospital – three of them from the restaurant and the fourth being the driver, police said.

The extent of their injuries was not immediately learned.