CHICAGO (CBS)– A Naperville resident’s self-quarantine situation got a little better thanks to her parent’s version of a bed and breakfast.

The Indiana University junior, was studying abroad in Milan when the coronavirus broke out. Luckily, she was able to come back to the Chicago area Monday before Italian cities were locked down. She currently does not show any symptoms associated with COVID-19.

The student, who prefers to remain anonymous, is now self-quarantining at home with her mother. Before her dad left the house to avoid the virus, her parents set up a “bed and breakfast” for the two that included a mini fridge with drinks, snacks and a fresh fruit delivery service.

Her sister tweeted a photo of the bed and breakfast along with the note stating, “Mini Bar: Beverages and snacks supplied for a nominal fee assessed to your final invoice.”

The Naperville resident was studying with the IES Abroad program. She said it’s “upsetting” she had to leave. She said she felt very safe abroad due to the communication with her program’s facilitators.

“Most of the time, things were very normal and everyone took precautionary measures,” she said. “IES made sure we felt comfortable.”

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The student said she noticed most people avoided public transportation and instead walked most places. The major precaution taken by her study abroad program was online classes to ensure contact was avoided in class.

“I didn’t doubt my safety for a second,” she said.

The Naperville resident said her two-week quarantine is “self imposed” in order to protect her family and community. She said she is wiping down surfaces and evaluating her health regularly while she remains home.

While she continues her quarantine, she will enjoy her own personal bed and breakfast.