CHICAGO (CBS) — Some grocery stores across Chicago are trying to keep up with supply and demand for certain products in the wake of the coronavirus.

CBS 2’s Vi Nguyen has the story from the South Loop.

 A Mariano’s on Clark has been busy all day with people trying to get their hands on paper towels and toilet paper. A spokesperson said they’re working hard with their suppliers to make sure products are reaching their stores as quickly as possible and they’re not the only ones.

(Credit: CBS) From long lines at Costco on Clybourn to empty shelves at a Mariano’s in West Town to another store in the South Loop, the demand is higher than ever for everyday for everyday household items and even food.

 “I‘m seeing people post pictures on social media but to see it in person was kinda shocking,” said a customer named Chandra.

 Mariano’s even putting up this sign limiting the number of products you can purchase to three-per-customer due to the high demand for water, cleaning supplies, and toilet paper.

 “I was just here last night and the aisles were full,” Chandra said. “So now going in and seeing them bare it’s like oh wow this is for real.”

(Credit: CBS)Chandra works from home. She walked in looking for toilet paper and walked out empty handed.

 “I just texted my husband was like yeah we gotta go hunt. Gotta go on a quest,” she said.

 Grocery wholesalers, like one near Elston and Kimball, have been working with suppliers to meet demands.

 “It‘s just been crazy. I mean with everyone wanting one package of this that they need,” said David Dukum, who’s been in the wholesale business for 36 years and said he’s never seen anything like this.

 “I have never seen a demand for products sanitizers, toilet paper or any product as I’m seeing it now,” he said. 

(Credit: CBS)


So what’s causing the rush?

 “I mean the mentality of our society right now is in panic mode and panic mode everyone does something crazy,” Dukum said. “You’re literally salvaging for a little bit of here a little bit of there just to keep some kind form of supply in your store. We are officially out of hand sanitizer. This is going to be two weeks now straight.”