CHICAGO (CBS) — RVs are in high demand. For doctors.

CBS 2’s Marissa Parra on the push for people to lend their house on wheels to medical workers.

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There’s a growing Facebook group that actually matches RVs with those healthcare workers. But one couple on the frontline in Warrenville said they haven’t seen any availability in Illinois, and they’re growing desperate.

In the face of anxiety, Hayley and Eric Ermer are on the front line of COVID-19.

He’s a firefighter. She’s an ICU nurse.

“Our units are filling up,” Hayley said. And her anxiety for her 74-year-old father grows too. The 74-year-old Vietnam veteran lives with them.

“My dad has Stage 4 lung cancer, due to Agent Orange,” she said. “He’s a Vietnam veteran. He just finished his 22nd round of chemo last week so my biggest concern is bringing something back home.

Which is why she’s turned to the Facebook Group, “RVs 4 MDs To Fight the Coronavirus” has over 15,000 members around the country.

Doctors and nurses around the country not wanting to infect immuno-compromised loved ones and children matching up with RV owners in their states.

Many of them finding success in their new traveling homes, something Hayley was hoping for too.

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“I haven’t had much luck,” she said. “I don’t see a lot of campers in Illinois. I don’t know if the word’s out in Michigan and southern states.”

Matthew Hunter with the RVs 4 MDs Facebook Group said she’s not alone.

“Unfortunately here in the Midwest we’re not being as successful,” Hunter said.

As a volunteer for the page, he has an abundance of Illinois healthcare workers asking him for help, but nothing to offer quite yet.

“We desperately need camper owners to come forward, if at all possible,” Hunter said.

The Ermers said if anyone has an RV to lend for the time being, it would bring them some peace of mind as they try to keep their neighbors safe, while being able to check in on their father from the driveway.

“It would mean a lot to us,” Haley said. “There’s great stuff being done out there and I hope it happens to us also, we give back when we can.”

The couple is just one of many who need help out there, so if you have an RV or camper you’re willing to lend to the cause, you can either join the “RVs 4 MDs” Facebook Group.

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Or reach out to the Illinois volunteer, Matthew Hunter at if you’re not on Facebook.