CHICAGO (CBS) — They grant wishes to critically ill children, but COVID-19 has had a big impact on Make-A-Wish Illinois.

Still, that charity says there is something you can do to brighten the lives of lots of boys and girls – and it won’t cost you a dime.

A year ago, Colman Kuzniar’s dream came true – to skate in full Blackhawks gear with his favorite player, Jonathan Toews.

“I was so excited, I ran around the house screaming,” Corey said.

It was just one of many gifts to critically ill children made possible by Make-A-Wish Illinois. But today, the wishes are on hold because of COVID-19.

“These kids represent some of the most vulnerable of all in our population,” said Make-A-Wish Illinois’ Phyllis Klein. “I think the heartache is one, these kids don’t understand what’s going on in the world. and two, what’s happening to them. So why is my wish not being fulfilled?”

So while we practice social distancing, Make-A-Wish Illinois is asking you to leave messages for the children on the charity’s website –

Messages of hope and joy, Klein calls them.

“Whether it’s a video or a card or just a message, a dance, a song – anything,” she said. “That’s what is going to bring a smile to these kids’ faces right now.”

On the Make-A-Wish Illinois website, your friends and family can join you in leaving a message.