CHICAGO (CBS) — Congestion; red, itchy eyes; and the inability to walk without wheezing – these are the symptoms one Lake Shore Drive resident has been experiencing since mid-March.

They are not related to COVID-19.

Pam Peterson said construction on the façade of her East Lakeview condo building has caused her asthma to flare up.

She blames dust and concrete debris coming into her apartment through vents and windows.

Peterson said although she understands the work is important, it should be put on hold.

“The board’s decision to allow known respiratory irritants to permeate the air in our homes during a stay-at-home order, during a respiratory crisis, shows a disregard to the health and safety of residents,” she said.

We contacted the condo board president, who said numerous safety measures have already been put in place – such as covering up windows and AC units, and using new bricks to reduce dust and noise.