CHICAGO (CBS) — The Bears this weekend drafted seven new rookies and added undrafted free agents.

Many around the league believe the Bears had a solid draft despite not having a first-round pick. Of course, that remains to be seen.

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Many believe tight-end Cole Kmet and cornerback Jaylon Johnson were borderline first-round prospects, and they got them in the second round – filling two huge needs.

CBS 2’s Megan Mawicke talked Sunday with Bears expert Kevin Fishbain of The Athletic about how he thinks the Bears fared in the 2020 draft.

“They had two picks that were going to make an impact, and I think they got two guys who can start Week 1 and fill in a huge need. They needed a tight end. I know we’ve been joking about how they have so many tight ends, but they really didn’t have that one guy who could start in the position (Coach) Matt Nagy wants. Cole Kmet could be there for 10 years, and everyone I’ve talked to says great things about him,” Fishbain said. “And then Jaylon Johnson – somebody who if it wasn’t for the shoulder concern could have gone in Round 1. He’s your corner for the next 10 years if everything worked out.”

Fishbain said with Kmet and Johnson specifically, “those two are better than what the Bears are going to have.”

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But as to the whole team, it depends on the quarterback and the coaching staff, he said.

As to who will be throwing the ball, the Bears late last month picked up quarterback Nick Foles.

“I would expect at some point, Nick Foles is going to be throwing passes to Cole Kmet. You don’t spend that much money to do a fourth-round takeaway if you don’t expect Nick Foles to start. But I do believe the Bears are genuinely giving Mitch Trubisky an opportunity, if he comes in and is just wiped out and is just like a whole new quarterback, I do think they’re keeping minds open,” Fishbain said.

As to a grade for what the Bears needed and who they added, Fishbain said the Bears get a B/B+.

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“These guys just don’t have a whole lot of question marks,” he said.