CHICAGO (CBS)– When COVID patients have to rush to the hospital, many times, one key item is forgotten.

Patients forget phone chargers, leaving them without power or vistors when there is a total loss of a lifeline for loved ones. 

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A Chicago nurse practitioner is working hard to solve that problem.

Megan Tress started out with a simple donation box and now she’s taken it further by teaming up with a partner across the county. She’s recruited nursing students from a class she teaches to help her with a gofundme page.

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They themselves the “Charger Squad.” The group is working to get chargers to every hospital bed.

So far, they’ve  equipped several in the Chicago area and have distributed power to hospitals in more than ten states.

Megan told CBS 2, nurses gets requests for charges up to six times a day, and studies have proven that people who have communication with their families have better outcomes when hospitalized.

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Just in the last few days some U.S wireless carriers have teamed up to help deliver thousands of chargers to hospitals.