CHICAGO (CBS) — A former police officer says she was swindled by accused serial scammer Chandra Klem, and now she is collecting names to try to shut the supposed bad breeder down.

Sharon Langlotz-Johnson is the township supervisor in suburban Palatine and a former police officer. She shows her Rottweilers, which is how she met Chandra Klem about eight years ago.

“Her family is very well known in the Rottweiler world,” said Langlotz-Johnson.

Chandra and her grandmother Joan own Rodsden Rottweilers. The matriarch has built a sparkling reputation, but in a series of reports, CBS 2 introduced just some of the people who say they have been conned by Chandra.

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“I know there’s at least 30 people who have been swindled one way or another,” Langlotz-Johnson said.

She said she is part of that growing list of apparent victims.

“It’s a little embarrassing being a former law enforcement officer to be taken advantage,” she said. “I had some really nice puppies. Most of them could have gone into show.”

Last year Sharon had a big litter of 11 puppies. Chandra offered to find buyers for four of them, collecting a finders fee for the deal.

She signed using her married name, Haluczak, not the family name Klem, which is the same name she chose to use for a recent appearance on Judge Judy where she lost a case of taking a deposit and not delivering a puppy.

Sharon said it took Chandra about eight months to pay up for the other two dogs, but that’s not the worst part.

“I don’t know where the puppies are,” she said.

Sharon claims to not  know where at least two of the dogs were placed.

“They’re not my children, but I still feel responsibility for each and every puppy,” Sharon said. “You don’t want people walking around giving your puppy to someone else. I’m disgusted.”

Sharon also accuses Chandra of forging the signatures of the would-be dog buyers on American kennel club registration documents.

“If you look they are all kind of the same signature,” she said. “All the handwriting is the same for all signatures.”

Sharon is now organizing all of the Chandra’s so-called victims to file a large complaint with the Illinois attorney general.

“My law enforcement background makes me turn around and say we have to stop this. We have to get together, and thats what we are doing,” she said.

Chandra responded to these allegations, calling Sharon a competing breeder. She claims that all of the buyer information was provided.

Chandra declined to be interviewed for these stories.

Charlie De Mar