CHICAGO (CBS)– Finding a job is never easy, especially when you’re looking with more than 30 million Americans out of work.

CBS 2 is Working For Chicago and connecting you with a Career Coach who said it’s really is all in the search.

Career coach Lynee Alves said Google makes the job search process much easier on the job seeker. She said it takes postings from top job sites and aggregates them all in one place.

First, to search for openings, she said to type in the position you’re looking for followed by the word” jobs.”Along with health care and delivery roles, Alves says there’s increasing demand for relationship banker jobs.

“You’ll then see listings from sites like LinkedIn, Zip Recruiter and more,” she said. “You can go through all these postings, read job descriptions.”

But there’s a faster way to find roles that fit your criteria.

Google Jobs allows you to sort this so many ways using filters. For example, you can select how far you want to commute, full or part-time positions and posting date.

“You can also save listings on here just like you can do on any other job site by clicking the bookmark,” Alves said.

If you haven’t found an ideal job yet, you can set alerts. That way, Google will email you when a new posting becomes available.

Job salaries are also available.