CHICAGO (CBS) — A return for Major League Baseball is stiIl in limbo, but this week there was a positive sign for little leaguers. The little league World Series has been canceled, but they did release a series of “best practices” guidelines so baseball could potentially come back for young kids. Megan Mawicke spoke with Phil Rizzo, the Little League coordinator for Illinois. He is hopeful a regular season may still be possible.

Rizzo says that while excited about the possible return of little league baseball and softball, they have to wait and see what the guidelines are for phases three and four of Governor Pritzker’s plan to re-open the state. He adds the guidelines released by Little League Baseball’s national committee gives them an opportunity to get back on the field.
As to whether young children would be able to follow new rules to limit social distancing like no hugging or high fives, Rizzo responded that he understands it could be a problem for the youngest players and hopes that parents will help. He listed some of the restrictions. “Face coverings aren’t mandatory for the kids, except when they’re in the dugouts. In the dugouts and on the bleachers, that’s when they have to wear face coverings. There’s going to be no handshakes, no high fives. Dugouts are going to be different. Everybody is going to have assigned seats. Parents can’t sit in the bleachers. They’ll have to bring their own chairs to sit in. Everything’s going to be different.”

Rizzo says the ultimate goal is just to get the kids back on the field. He’s not worried if games are competitive. He just wants them to have a chance to play baseball and softball.