CHICAGO (CBS) — The total number of COVID-19 deaths in Indiana now stands at 2,032, with 35,712 positive cases of people infected with the novel coronavirus, state health officials reported on Wednesday. That fatality number does not include 175 Hoosiers who likely were killed by the disease.

While the state continues to report hundreds of cases a day, the number of patients hospitalized with COVID-19 is declining from the peaks in late March and early April.  On March 31, 202 patients were admitted across the state, while on Tuesday that number was 41. The percentage of ICU beds available to treat seriously ill COVID-19 patients has risen slightly over the past week to 41 percent.  The percentage of ventilators is over 80 percent.  Those are among the key metrics used by state officials as they have gradually eased restrictions imposed to slow the spread of the virus.

In Lake County, a total of 767 patients have been hospitalized and 944 people have visited a hospital ER with COVID-19. The county reports 3,806 total cases and 202 deaths. Of that number, 177 deaths occured in hospitals. Lake County has the second-worst outbreak of COVID-19 in the state. Marion County, which includes Indianapolis, reports just over 10,000 cases and 594 deaths.

Patients at long-term care facilities account for a large portion of the COVID-19 deaths (945) and at least one fatality has been reported at 150 of those facilities.