CHICAGO (CBS) — Chicago is back open, at least as much as Phase 3 of the governor’s reopen plan allows. But what does that really feel like?

It looks and sounds closer to the Chicago we know, but we haven’t crossed the bridge of this pandemic. And the virus of racial inequality leaves several things hanging in the air.

The day began both unceremoniously and fittingly with rain.

So many Boystown businesses were excited for customers after months of forced shutdown. Instead, wooden planks kept looters away while also illuminating the real reason for protests.

The journey for justice won’t be short. Nor will financial recovery. But the hope is to remove the roadblocks.

Places tarped and tacked over will receive city help, promises the mayor. She is also putting pressure on insurance companies to cut checks quickly.

It’s too late for some, including the famous Ray’s Music Exchange from the movie “The Blues Brothers.” The fictional store was actually a pawn shop that closed well before 2020’s chaos, but now the cinematic landmark is gone for good.

Construction crews say it’s an emergency demo after fire spread from a neighboring store. The flames were likely caused by looters.

In Chatham a bird’s eye view shows an incredibly destitute center of essential services. Places for food, clothing, banking and beauty are now praying to weather not only the coronavirus but also the storm of vandals.

Business owners in Hyde Park were clearly looking forward to turning on the spigot. Instead, their slow trickle of shoppers is now close to none.

Lauren Victory