CHICAGO (CBS) — Groups of protesters were large and passionate Saturday, but those protests did not have the violence and looting seen last week. Still, protesters were intent on having their voices heard, and police were always nearby.

At the 14th District police station protesters met face to face with police, and that moment was powerful as protesters of every race filled and closed down the street. Those specifically in the Latin American community chanted their message and even took a moment of silence.

Dozens of Black Lives Matter signs mixed in with Puerto Rican flags held high. It was a mix of culture with a bigger message in the fight against police brutality.

“We need to unify. And we need to understand that what blacks are going through, we’re going to go through and what’s bad for them is bad for us,” said one protester.

Protesters started at Roberto Clemente Community Academy in Humboldt Park. Their destination was the 14th District police station.

“That represents so many black and brown lives that have been ruined from the school to prison pipeline,” the protester said.

Hundreds took the almost two mile walk. Music and chants filled the air as more joined the crowd. Soon everyone was able to deliver passionate words to police face to face.

“You don’t understand the pain of waking up as a black American in this world. It’s hard. We’re broken,” said protester Jasmine Atkins.

The moment was particularly hard for Joseph Scott from Rogers Park.

“Honestly man, it’s horrible. I cringe when I see a police car. I don’t know when I’m going to die. They don’t make me feel safe,” he said.

Protesters eventually kneeled and held fists high. A moment of silence followed — a quietness that speaks volumes.

“Humboldt Park and our community, we’re not going to stand for anti-blackness or any kind of racism. Or any kind of violence toward black people. We’re done,” said one protester.

Protesters also laid roses at the feet of officers as a symbol of remembrance of lives lost due to police brutality.