By Chris Tye

CHICAGO (CBS) — The hallmark of the Fourth Of July weekend in Chicago is officially on ice.

Navy Pier announced the holiday fireworks are canceled because of COVID-19. But as CBS 2’s Chris Tye discovered, less to look at in the sky may mean more business transactions at the Pier.

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Celebrating independence usually means securing a spot. It meant getting there early, planting your flag with the right view and in the view of businesses at Navy Pier, that rarely translated into business.

With no fireworks but a menu of other events will keep people in motion and spending money. At least that’s the idea and the hope. The fireworks-free Fourth of July will include live music and some so-called “re imagined” concepts.

They include a virtual house music festival, a virtual  Independence Day salute concert and at-home salsa dance parties. Businesses said it will be different, but they’re happy to be open and hope cabin fever will bring them down in droves.

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“You have a lot of families who definitely want to go out and enjoy the fireworks. You have a lot of them who want to relax and sit around on the Pier. Since we’re not going to have fireworks, there’s  going to be more moving around, so we’re excited for that,” said Leticia Tichina of Harry Carey’s.

At least that’s the idea — and the hope.

Guests must bring and wear a face mask at all times while visiting Navy Pier and try to maintain six-feet of distance between individuals who are not from the same household.

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Navy Pier’s framework aligns with Phases 3, 4 and 5 of the state of Illinois’ Restore Illinois plan.