CHICAGO (CBS)– With just one day from moving into Phase 4 in Illinois, restaurants and other businesses need to make sure people feel safe inside.

CBS 2 took a look at one of the companies providing disinfecting services and talked to the president of Enviro-Master of Chicago.

“We’ve always been a health and safety company,” Lance Horsley said. “Our focus is the public spaces and public restroom and making sure that they’re safe and healthy.”

Enviro-Master is using Electrostatic Technology to dispense hospital-grade germicide. The formula wipes out 99% of 47 different disease, including the new strain of coronavirus.

Once it’s sprayed, even if someone touches a treated surface, the germicide is still effective for up to a week.

“There is the added benefit of the spaces enviro-masters is treating because the residual is killing those germs as it lands on any surfaces,” Horsely said. “They are getting killed. But in other restaurants they don’t have that residual products that we use.

One of the businesses they are treating is Panino’s Pizzeria in Park Ridge.

Lance recommends owning a personal kit to bring into a public restroom.  It should include disinfecting wipes and hand sanitizer. He also suggests you wear a mask while in the restroom since flushing a toilet brings germs up into the air.

“The papers towels that they have stacked there are getting all kinds of polluted articles every time someone flushes the toilet, sorry, so I’m not a fan of ever using a hand blower, because that’s blowing the germs around as well,” Horsely said.

For Enviro-Master of Chicago, business is up 10% since the pandemic and the company is hiring.