By Marissa Parra

CHICAGO (CBS) — A local business is recovering after being set on fire  after renovation.

CBS 2’s Marissa Parra reports from McKinley Park.

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A business in flame. Tyrone Pride hoped it was a nightmare.

“Just to wake up at 4:00 in the morning and see the building on fire, that was pretty shocking. I thought maybe I was dreaming,” said Pride of Buddy Bear Car Wash. But the live surveillance video he was watching from home was very real.

Early Tuesday morning, outside of his car wash business in McKinley Park, the surveillance video shows one hooded figure pouring what appears to be gas or some other form of igniter along a garage door. Then a small explosion.

“The fire melted the Plexiglass that was there,” Pride said.

But the offenders didn’t stop there.

“Then they set our exit door on fire,” Pride said.

Police said in total, three male suspects lit a car, the exit and entrance doors to Buddy Bear Car Wash by cover of darkness.

“I don’t believe anyone was trying to burglarize because they just set a fire and ran off,” Pride said.

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Alderman George Cardenas (12th) said he fears this is becoming a trend.

“We had instances in McKinley Park where people tried to also ignite a fire. It means that people feel like they can do this and get away with it,” Cardenas said.

First responders were able to get the fire under control. No one was injured, but the damage is still costly and the owners are left confused.

“Damage is probably $20,000,” Pride said. “I’m very dumbfounded as to why. We serve the community. We don’t have any enemies that we know of. We don’t have a clue.”

Police are still searching for the three male suspects who fled northbound on Western Avenue afterwards.

If you know anything, police want to hear from you. Ald. Cardenas said you can reach out to him as well. He can also be reached by email at WARD12@CITYOFCHICAGO.ORG.

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