By Mary Kay Kleist

CHICAGO (CBS) — We hit 97 degrees on Monday, making it the hottest day of the year.

A record was not set though. The record for this date is 100 degrees set in 1947.

Lows Tonight: 08.24.20

(Credit: CBS 2)

Radar Tracker: 08.24.20

(Credit: CBS 2)

There is an isolated storm chance at daybreak, especially near the Wisconsin line. Most storm activity stays over Wisconsin and Michigan.

Highs Tomorrow: 08.24.20

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It will be back to the 90s on Tuesday afternoon. But a small lake breeze may keep shoreline temps slightly cooler.

Next 2 Days: 08.24.20

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As a hot southwesterly wind flow takes shape midweek, as temps soar to record levels. The record high for both Wednesday and Thursday is 97 degrees, both set in 1973.

High Temperatures: 08.24.20

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A cold front arrives Thursday night into Friday with rain chances and seasonable temps for the weekend.

Mary Kay Kleist