CHICAGO (CBS) — Rapid COVID-19 testing at the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign is not really living up to its name. Instead of the promised hours for students and staff to get results, they are facing days.

CBS 2 gave you an exclusive look at the one of a kind saliva test last week.

Everyone is expected to get tested by spitting into a collection vial twice a week. Staff members say the demand is out pacing the amount of time it takes to process the tests.

“We are onboarding new robotics just this weekend and the early part of next week that will make our process in the lab even more efficient. The people in the lab have been putting in a heroic effort,” said Dr. Paul Hergenrother with University of Illinois at Urbana.

The goal is to get results fast to quickly isolate people who test positive. So far the university has administered more than 150,000 tests.