By Marissa Parra

CHICAGO (CBS) — Chicago women went door-to-door, changing lives of more than seven small businesses affected by the recent looting.

CBS 2’s Marissa Parra has the story.

So many spots, it’s hard to keep track. But Candice Payne and Arsiak Vartenian are on a mission.

“Just to be able to change lives and build communities that were tarnished by the looting and rioting,” Vartenian said.

The ladies are headed to surprise around 10 different women-owned businesses throughout the city, like the nail salon Shontee Ross runs on East 95th Street.

“My stuff was just snatched off the walls,” Ross said.  She shared video a neighbor took of her salon, Grandway Lash and Nail, getting looted in May.

“To have your business looted, money you worked hard to put together, you feel victimized,” Ross said. “There were days when I’d come in where I would literally cry. We didn’t have insurance when we were looted.”

Aside from the bigger things like broken glass, all of the little things added up to thousands of dollars. Which is why Friday’s surprise of a check for over $1,100 with her businesses’ name on it almost brought those tears back. But this time with joy.

“We want to give them more hope, and let them know that we’re rooting for them,” Payne said.

Between their own money and donations, they raised over $10,000. The women have also set up a GoFundMe site for anyone else who wants to help.