CHICAGO (CBS) — A birthday celebration in Chicago’s Austin neighborhood ended with two dead and three others hurt over the weekend. The accused shooter in was on electronic monitoring and has a lengthy rap sheet.

In court Monday prosecutors talked about a man who demanded people leave the area around his home but didn’t wait before firing on the group.

Now he is again in police custody.

Early Saturday morning officers responded to the sounds of gunfire at Pine and Washington. Prosecutors say an argument turned vocal and eventually deadly at the birthday gathering inside the Austin home.

Timmy Jordan, 39, is accused of pulling a gun and firing seven to 10 rounds at a group. Prosecutors say one of the victims, who could legally carry a weapon, shot back before dying from his injuries.

Investigators say they later found Jordan wounded with a gun lying next to him. Five people — all family members — were hit, and two did not survive.

The accused shooter was not related to the victims. He was later arrested, and Chicago Police Supt. David Brown says police are all too familiar with him.

“One of the shootings this weekend was someone we had arrested for possession of illegal guns… They’re on electronic monitoring, and they’re involved in a shooting where six people are shot. And this person had seven felonies.”

Prior to the shooting at the party, Jordan was on electric monitoring. He was scheduled for a court date later this month for a weapons charge from 2019. He pleaded guilty to felon in possession of a firearm in 2011, one of a handful of similar charges prosecutors say he has faced dating back to 2002.

“They’re out on the streets in our neighborhoods on electronic monitoring. What are we doing? It’s beyond frustrating. It makes your blood boil,” Brown said.

A judge denied bond for Jordan this time.

He is hospitalized in

The other three people who were shot are in good condition.