CBS 2's Lauren Victory found a brave young girl from Wheaton who hopes her story inspires others to help, by donating blood. 15-Year-Old Girl Battling Leukemia Is Inspiring Others To Donate Blood – CBS Chicago

CHICAGO (CBS)– Many of us are still looking for ways to help during the pandemic.

CBS 2’s Lauren Victory found a brave young girl from Wheaton who hopes her story inspires others to help by donating blood.

Jaqueline Hamann has been battling lymphoblastic leukemia for over two years. It’s a type of cancer of the blood and bone marrow that affects white blood cells and her and her family have been through a lot.

Recently, the 15-year-old received a promising progress report that her blood count is up.

A big part of Jacqueline’s treatment has included blood transfusions. The need for donors is especially urgent right now, with a national blood shortage crisis. Thousands of blood drives have been cancelled due to COVID.

“She has been very much been encouraging family members and our friends to donate blood, “Gina Hamann, Jaqueline’s mom, said. “She has probably had, we are estimating, 50 blood transfusions during the course of her treatment.”

Dr. Ammar Hayani said the chemotherapy is very intense.

“Transfusion blood products is an important part of that,” Hayani said. “Without it, we would not be able to give the adequate therapy for kids with cancer.”

That’s why Jacqueline, her doctor, nurses and staff are wearing t-shirts to help get out the word to give if you can.

With September being Childhood Cancer Awareness Month, Northwestern Medicine is partnered with Versiti Blood Centers to help spread the word.

Jaqueline is counting down until she’s done with her treatments at the end of the year and then hopes to get back to one of her favorite spots, Disney World with her family.

“I’m so thankful for everyone who gave blood,” Jaqueline said.

The Versiti Network has more information on local blood donation.